A dialogue on art, philosophy and self irony

June 30, 2023

 #LunatumPodcast with Glashier


Glashier, a self-taught filmmaker and photographer based in Berlin and London, has been at the forefront of creative visual narratives.

Now, he is bringing his unique approach to the field of Artificial Intelligence, spearheading innovative projects that explore future storytelling. His current project, "Midnite On Mars," uses Midjourney AI image creation and ChatGPT, offering a groundbreaking exploration of the first Martian colony. An Intimate look at the town beyond rarthly borders is shown in Glashier's book "MIDNITE ON MARS BY GLASHIER". With his background in crafting nearly 600 music videos and compelling photography that has garnered a strong Instagram following, Glashier's current focus on AI showcases his adaptability and pioneering spirit in the evolving landscape of narrative artistry.

In our podcast we’ll try to focus on the philosophy and vision that are standing behind the artwork and the creative process & determining the direction of its movement.