#LunatumLive with Alexa Sirbu

Through discussion with Alexa Sirbu, 3D artist, creative director, and co-founder of XK, we uncover the deeper meanings and universal truths that underlie the creative endeavor, whilst gaining insights into the power of women in creative industries, the impact of cross-disciplinary collaboration and the beauty and significance of co-creation that transcends language, culture, and expertise.


Alexa Sirbu is London based 3D artist, creative director and co-founder of XK, a research-led design and moving image practice.

She uses procedural and sculptural techniques to explore visual narratives in motion. Taking cues from the physicalities of both the natural and synthetic world, she creates work that is hyper-real and hallucinatory, exploring how current technologies can facilitate storytelling in a digital realm.


Both as an artist and through her studio, she has created and directed work that ranges from artistic commissions to commercial campaigns, films and large scale video installations and has collaborated with cultural institutions such as House of Culture Stockholm, London Symphony Orchestra and brands such as Apple, Velcro, Nike, Microsoft and Hublot.